About Sophie Bélanger

Professional translation services

Working with your literary goals in mind

It is sometimes very difficult to make a decision when it comes time to choose THE right company in whom to entrust the execution of a specific project. Especially when we seek to meet all of the following criteria:

Quality, accuracy, confidentiality, professionalism and trust!

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved writing and composing. From an early age, I wrote a very detailed diary every evening. My friends asked for my help after school with their English homework or their composition for the French class. I like writing in all its forms. Knowing that, people around me have often asked me to help them with the translation of a document or the writing of a text. I am known for my famous birthday cards in which there is always a personalized text that never ends (laughs).

In my previous jobs, my employers and colleagues regularly turned to me to entrust me with the task of translating documents that were sometimes confidential or that contained technical vocabulary. Because of my very respectful nature, they were confident that the work would get done professionally, discreetly, thoroughly and that everything would be delivered in a timely manner.

Attentive to detail and in listening to the needs of others, I make sure to always understand the meaning of the text to be translated and to grasp its tone and level of expression. This is essential in order to choose the right words that will preserve the integrity of the message conveyed as well as the style and scope of it. My perfectionist side drives me to continually improve myself to offer my clients the outstanding service that they deserve.